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Go Catch a Falling Star
-- John Donne, Song

What's a falling star, Donne
Oh yes a woman not true or faithful
Is there such a woman possible
Yeah Her name is Babylon
The prostitute of the earth
And the mother of abominations

Were you catching such a falling globe?
You were one as you wrote your theory of letter
Spoiled by the false pen of a scribe
And captived by many a common character

Oh Donne! You failed to find a woman
True and faithful in your lifetime
You know why?
King Babylon is the tree in the central earth
The language and literature of the Chaldeans
Food for all flesh
For all visions were sealed by lies
With human eyes as seers
And human heads as prophets

Haha! Donne! Are you caught in ashes
I'd better let your poems pass
In case mine be trapped in that abyss


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