The letter M

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The letter M (alphabetic poems)
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

(Please first read the pictures of the discoursal letter M attached below.)

What is presented here are four pictures of discoursal letter M with the interpretative alphabetic poems of the letter M whose spelling reminds people of such things as below.

(1) M is mother
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

M is mother
who makes man
who manipulates the motherland
with the mark of males
which is merely
a magic and a maze
for females.

(2) M is a mentor
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

M is a mentor
who maintains
the mandate
and manners
of the mayor
by the management
of manpower
in his manor.

(3) M is a matador
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

M is a matador
in the meadow
whose muscles
are motivated for the match
for the mirth of the monarch
and the morale of his men.

(4) M is a myth
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

M is a myth
of the metaphor
of a mist
that misses
no merits
of man
in the making
of metabolism
and materialism
in the moorland
and the metropolis.


The letter M


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