The letter D

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The letter D (alphabetic poems)
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

(Please first read the pictures of the discoursal letter D attached below.)?

What is presented here are four pictures of discoursal letter D with the interpretative alphabetic poems of the letter D whose spelling reminds people of such things as below.

(1) D is a dale
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

D is a dale
where dark and white dwell
and where damp and dry divide
which drives the deer
to the deep
during the day.

(2) D is a dance
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

D is a droll dance
which can drive a dancer
out of deception
by dangling
in the delta.

(3) D is a dictionary
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

D is a dictionary
that describes
divers in discussions
and dogs in drills
in a commendatory
and derogatory sense.

(4) D is a dress
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

D is a dress
that dissolves
and discrimination
into a divine drips
that no dolphin
in the day.


The letter D


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