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  Guangguo Zhang , pen name Yurong, been born in Weifang, Shandong Province in 1975, graduated from Qufu Normal University, Shandong Province in 1998, and studied in Luxun College of Literature. Having been a teacher, editor, journalist, stationmaster of newspaper workstation in Weifang and general manager of Weifang Wanzhong Media. Being the editor-in-chief of Poets and Poems, Tang Dynasty, Writers and Literature, Literature and Art Artists, Literature and Art Magazine, Chinese Literature and Art Artists, Shenzhou Literature, Honorary President of World Poets Association, Chinese Poetry Association and Chinese Poets Association, President of Tang Poetry Society, Visiting Professor of Chinese Poetry Academy and Bailang Academy. Being a tutor of senior research class for poets and Dean of Shenzhou College of Literature. Having Created poets'network ( and Chinese Poetry Association Network ( Having defined and discussed the definition, connotation, extension, essential characteristics and characteristics of Little Poetry, inherited and innovated Little Poetry, reshaped the school of Little Poetry, extended and promoted the movement of Little Poetry;launched the movement of New Ancient Style Poetry, and advocated starting from the form and rhythm of poems, carrying the current events with New Ancient Style Poetry, very well communicating, integrating and developing the history, present and future of the Chinese poetry; Created the school of Returning Poetry, advocating returning to the true self, life and poetry; Created the school of Chinese Music and Painting Poetry, advocating the organic unity of music, painting and poetry; Created the School of Chinese Landscape Poetry, inheriting and innovating Landscape Poetry, creating a new situation of Landscape Poetry through poetry live events; Created the School of Chinese Grassland Poetry, focusing on grassland themes as a breakthrough and creative features, excavating a number of outstanding grassland poetry, recommending a number of outstanding grassland poets, further promoting the prosperity and development of poetry, and further promoting the friendship and exchanges between poets; and Created the School of Chinese Local Rural and Pastoral Poetry, advocating and further promoting the creation and development of Local Rural and Pastoral Poetry with the ideological core of native soil and countryside. Founding a series of large-scale poetry literature and art evaluation, discussion and exchange, style activities,such as The Great Poetry Exhibition in the Internet Age, Poetry Festival in the Internet Age, Confucius Poetry Prize, Poet's Day (World Poet's Day), Chinese Poets' Congress, Chinese Poets' Summit, Red Sorghum Poetry Club, Red Sorghum Pen Club, Red Sorghum Writers' Forum, Chinese Poetry and Literature Seminar, Chinese Writers and Poets Forum, Beihai Literature and Art Salon, Literature and Art Salon of Phoenix and White Wolf, Chinese Poetry Exhibition, Chinese Poets' Collecting folk songs Activity, Walking all over the World with Tang Poetry and Song Rhyme, Chinese Writers and Poets Collecting folk songs Activity, Chinese Landscape Poets Forum, Chinese Mountain and Sea Poetry Association, Chinese Grassland Poetry Association, Chinese Kunlun Poetry Association, Chinese Feng Ya Song Reading Festival, Chinese Poet Travellers Forum, Chinese Star Poetry Conference,Great Tang Poetry Festival,etc. In 1999, published his first novel Apricot Blossom. Since 1994, has published more than one million words of all kinds of works and won several prizes at the national, provincial and municipal levels. Published personal poetry collections, "Poets and Mermaids", "Girls on Pottery Pots", and "Singing with Phoenix and White Wolf", poetry monographs "Yellow Crane Tower Poetry Tales", "Beihai Poetry Tales", and novel "Another Biography of Monk Sha". Planed and published long science fiction "Unknown Flight", academic monographs "Dialysis of the Analects of Confucius" Wisdom, "Laozi Zhengdao and the Lost Way of the Present Age", compiled "Contemporary Writers of New Forces Literature Collection","Contemporary Chinese Writers List","Contemporary Chinese Poets List","Internet Poetry Dictionary","Chinese Excellent Network Poets", "Best Selected Poems of China" and "Beihai Literature Series", "Beihai Poetry Draft", "Beihai Poetry Notes", "Writers and Poets in the Internet Age" and dozens of other books.

Personal Profile

Personal Profile Guangguo Zhang


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