The letter T

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The letter T (alphabetic poems)
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

(Please first read the pictures of the discoursal letter T attached below.)

What is presented here are four pictures of discoursal letter T with the interpretative alphabetic poems of the letter T whose spelling reminds people of such things as below.

(1) T is the treasure
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

T is the treasure
of thoughts
and tenets
of traditions
that translates
our trip to the throne
with or without
theoretical thread
that traverses
our travel to
and is transplanted in
today and tomorrow.

(2) T is the tea
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

T is the tea
that you taste
in the teacup
of truth and trust
twice or thrice
before your twaddle
in twitter
after your trousers
are troubled
by triviality.

(3) T is a tree
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

T is a tree
by the trench
that topples
the tradition
that tends
to tremble
for a touch
of a tress
but not
for the torture
of tornadoes
and torrents.

(4) T is the talent
By He, Hengxing (文/何恒幸)

T is the talent
that is taken
as a token
of a tailwind
of one’s tap
on the tip
of the technology
and as a touchstone
by the torture
of trouble
and the taste
of tests and tears
for a thirst
for the top
of things
such as
a try
a task
a talk
a tiptoe
a tale
in twilight


The letter T


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