《English Poems by Chao》序言

选自诗集Out of Chaos, Paper Boat和Fate of a Grasshopper

《English Poems by Chao》诗词列表

Russel Compared Life (3745) 《Thirty-one Poems》 (3599) Six Poems (3244)
Rings Interpreted (3190) Eight Poems (3183) Dutiful Children (3179)
Fifteen Poems (3129) The Ants and I (3085) Tale of the Voice (3061)
New Poems by Chao (3034) Groaning Creations (3029) To a Well-known Linguist (2958)
Strolling through the Woo (2954) Siblings (2907) Civilization (2901)
The Ant and the Book (2897) My Child in my Arms (2827) Rainy Night (2818)
Twenty-seven Poems (1680) Two Poems (1392) Untitled (1340)
Seventeen Poems (1337) Five Poems (1298) Message from Zion 2 (1291)


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