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Birthday Gift for my Son

Today is your birthday
Tomorrow will be Double 11
the Carnival of E-commerce
and the whole China with the world
will be filled with trading odor in the air

Seems we are born with a mission
to battle with material lusts
to fight against Mammon
and wrestle
with the spiritual forces of evil-
the fate predestined
as if for humans

Son, we haven't brought anything
into the world
and can't take any away
but why is mankind driven
by the schemes of the world
to labour and torture
in such a funny way

Alas! They are skillful
in arresting eyes and hearts
till completely all taken captive

A Poem for my Daughter

Thinking of you I feel a bit bad
for father failed to speak to you
enough words of God
breathing upon you
to receive the Holy Spirit

You know the things explained
a little here and a little there
from the Scripture
are the word of Elohim our Savior
As the word is on our lips
it's the Lord speaking
and the breath Jesus speaks
is the Holy Spirit
and our very life

Generations come and go
articulating on their own
unaware that the things of men
belong to Satan
who has the power of death

Daughter, that time is now over
for the root of David
has conquered and opened the scroll
Just cherish our chances together

How wonderful to have you around
in the new heaven and the new earth


For Riccola

The powerful handshake
perhaps meant to be unforgettable
after the coming farewell

So powerful to be a slight shock
as moments can be so sudden of survival
before His thief-like arrival

So powerful as if to print a seal
when carried to you by the wings of the Eagle
given by the woman the sentinel

The handshake, perhaps a symbol
for the hand, invisible but tangible
to appear and reveal in that twinkle

A Fragile Fragment on Easter

They celebrate the Sunday as if Jesus was risen today
and was crucified the day before yesterday
rather than two thousand years ago
Why? The Bible says those who forsake the word of God
put Jesus on the cross again
and that those who set their minds on earthly things
are the enemies of the cross of Christ

Year after year they decline to die to themselves
so they tour the tomb during the Passion Week
Why? The Bible says that our selves are the corpses of kings
and that the human will belongs to Satan
who holds the power of death

Apr16 2017
Notes:Heb6:4-6, Phl3:18-19, Eze43:6-7, Mt16:21-23, Heb2:14

These Days You Keep Changing Photos

Three of them are especially impressive-
photo one, which pretends hide and seek
behind a commodity bag-
a reminder of this generation
lost among material things
and of the divine question
asked of Adam and Eve
hidden in the forest of Eden
with their eyes of selfish hearts open

Photo two, which creates
a hollow and arrogant bordom
with a broken guitar or drum
emptying your stomach and mind
And photo three, the child one
which makes you change like
to enter the kingdom of heaven-
the command of the Lord

Now but a Bible open before a mirror-
the scroll opened by the Lion of Juda
who is found worthy
to open its seven seals
A roar is heard
Do not seal up the prophecy
for the time is near!

Apr 14, 2017

A Poem For A Photo Of The Age

In my first sight
I thought it was shot in a pyramid-
the tomb wisdom of Egypt
which regards the law as something alien
Pharaoh the king, left as a noise
after rejecting the living oracle

On a closer gaze
I realize to my surprise
the background is standing mattresses
though they look a bit craggy
though one of the boys is dressed
like going to climb

Mattress, a reminder of Song of Songs-
our couch is green
Alas! So many can't lie down-
does desert their fawn
for there is no grass or rain-
no word from His mouth

Now He seeks out His scattered flock
takes us all back to our own land
to be tended by Himself
on His rich pasture
for He promised to those
who enter through Jesus
find grass
in and out

9:27, Apr 5, 2017

A Love Poem

Oh, dearest, open your mouth
And eat, as Ezekiel and John did
Till the scroll fills your stomach
Your palate sweet like honey
And your beauty glories with eternity

Guess you remember
Flowers and grass wither
But the word of Elohim endures forever

Oh dearest, bought by blood
Continue to read aloud the word
Kiss the Son and trust in Him
Till you are one with Him!
Like a bride to her bridegroom!

30 Mar, 2017

A Poem for All

The things explained from Scripture
Are the Word of God our Savior!
Jesus the bread of life comes to take us!
For the time is near! His Presence here!

Let's open our mouth and Read ALOUD!
His flesh is eatable! His blood drinkable!
Only if the Word of life be written in heart!
Till the Spirit wells up, a living Bible!

Oh! Friends, it's time to move our minds
From things earthly to heavenly-
The spirtual things in spiritual words
To possess the mind of Christ Jesus!

That day that time that twinkle of an eye
The people of God, changed for immortality
And death, swallowed up in victory
Is at hand! Wow! To be caught up and homeward fly!!!


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